Student Answers 01: On Legibility

On Legibility. I guess first I’d like to throw up the quote by David Carson that informs a lot of my work; ‘Don’t mistake legibility for communication’. I think that’s basically a dissertation… Continue reading

Making the ‘Negative Beats Positive’ piece for (RED)

A little back story first as this project gave me the chance to work with one of my personal heroes… I first came across the work of Ian Wright around ten years ago in… Continue reading

Am I a typographer and why should you care?

I’ll begin with a quote: “Look how clever I am, I can make letters out of lots of things. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t communicate effectively or add to the meaning being… Continue reading

Making the Discover magazine 30 in ferrofluid

Discover magazine –  a well-read science journal in the states – approached me to create a commemorative cover for their 30th anniversary issue. The big three-oh is always cause for celebration, particularly for… Continue reading


An open invitation to discuss the state of mass communication in America. – – – – I write this halfway across that Atlantic, heading West. On not a great amount of sleep. I… Continue reading

Killer: a gothic stencil font in the circus tradition…?

I’ve never created a commercially available font. Who needs another typeface? Well. A few people at least I hope. I certainly still buy interesting fonts when I see them. After all, it’s not… Continue reading