Student Answers 06: Internships

Around this time of year I start to get a lot of email requests for internships, particularly from second year students. This is at once flattering and confounding. Flattering because, I think it’s… Continue reading

My RSVPHRH submission

The RSVPHRH exhibition in London next month is the brainchild of two friends of mine, Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards. It’s a show of alternative invites to the Royal Wedding on April 29th… Continue reading

Student Answers 05: What skills does a successful designer need?

This one comes up a lot – almost always when I talk to students in groups – and it’s very subjective, but, I’d go so far as to say that the skills essential… Continue reading

Student Answers 04: The Moral Compass

This is as thorny and subjective an issue as you will be presented with as a designer, it’s also the one that’s most likely to define your career. ‘Are there any companies you… Continue reading

Student Answers 03: On Style

I touched on this in both 01 and 02 but I think, to be clear, I really don’t believe I have a style, rather, that my style is in my approach. This is… Continue reading

Student Answers 02: My inspirations

There’s no real answer to this: I take inspiration from everywhere and anywhere, particularly where type is doing something it isn’t meant to be. For example, a misprinted poster; peeling paint; reflections in… Continue reading