Epitaph for Black Magus magazine

I was approached last year by the good people at Black Magus (don’t Google it, it doesn’t exist yet) to create a masthead for them and this was the result: The typeface was… Continue reading

The Envy List 2011

I often get asked who inspires me, and there’s no easy answer. I take inspiration from everywhere. What I find easier to answer is ‘Who’s work do you envy? Who makes you jealous?’… Continue reading

An Experiment

Back in London on business this week. Taking my book around a few agencies with my agents Blink Art to remind folks over here that I still exist and am now available for… Continue reading

Thoughts On Designers As The 99%

I’ve been watching with vested interest the activities and growing crowd in the financial district of Manhattan over the last few weeks. Today marks 1 month since the first tarps and tents were… Continue reading

When Done is Done: Design by committee vs going with your gut.

I took a brief a couple of weeks back. A global look and feel refresh for an air freshner. Not particularly glamourous I’ll grant you, but needs must. And, if I’m honest, I… Continue reading

Copyright, law and standing your ground

This is one of the more interesting things that’s happened to me this year. It was annoying and I wasn’t going to bother posting about it – and couldn’t for a brief time… Continue reading