Making the Macy’s 4th of July type

Macy’s approached me to create some light writing typography to publicize their annual 4th of July fireworks celebrations in New York. As if it needed any more publicizing 🙂 I was a little… Continue reading

Making the FEAR typography for P&G / Leo Burnett, Chicago

I was tasked by Leo Burnett of Chicago to create the word FEAR from athlete’s chalk to accompany their forthcoming Olympics campaign. The premise was simple enough but constructing the type turned out… Continue reading

The Importance of Being Visible

I’m formulating a ‘marketing strategy’ this week – which all sounds very grown up and cynical. Unfortunately, getting your work in front of people is one of the most important parts of being… Continue reading

Your Remit as a Designer

I gave another talk last week and the question came up, as it often does, ‘why the big interest in science?’ It was an innocuous enough question but one which always requires a… Continue reading

Why I dislike advertising

So I finally figured how to write a successful blog post; disagree with Banksy. I’m also learning that there are a lot of hypocrites in the world that are extremely keen to lambast… Continue reading

An open letter to Banksy regarding ‘The Advertisers’

EDIT March 1st, 18:30pm // The ‘letter’ to which I was referring here is a quote taken from two of Banksy’s books, ‘Cut it Out’ and ‘Wall and Piece’, only one of which… Continue reading