Making the Drama Lives on ITV idents

A little late to post this but things have been pretty crazy of late with the book coming out. I wanted to post some behind the scenes work that went into the ITV project I recently completed, the video for which can be seen here:

The lock up design was one of several we tried. The brief was something that had to be grown up and lend itself to multiple media with the eventual final usage being on television. Here is some of the development process. Once we locked in on a design that everyone agreed on I threw it into Cinema 4D to see how it would look in three dimensions…

ITV design development from Craig Ward on Vimeo.

I had the type laser cut from two layers of wood which, with the assistance of Niral, I painted white and affixed to a board that was 8ft x 5.5ft – the approximate dimensions of a 16:9 HD screen. The construction side of the project took a couple of days and took place in my Brooklyn studio.

I had my buddy Bill Wadman and camera operator Claude Bauschinger come by and help shoot the final vignettes which were shot, very simply, on a Canon 5D with a dolly. Really pleased with the end result. A lot of work for sure but definitely something to be proud of. _ C