My RSVPHRH submission

The RSVPHRH exhibition in London next month is the brainchild of two friends of mine, Nick Pringle and Clark Edwards. It’s a show of alternative invites to the Royal Wedding on April 29th – which is actually a day before my own wedding anniversary. I wanted to respond with something a little different and created my piece K/ill (Kate + Will) on a porcelain plate. Here’s my explanation for the piece and, in the meantime, check out the site and do try and swign by the show from April 7th onwards, there’s some great work being created for it. Visit for more details.

Broken 10 inch porcelain plate
Acrylic paint

A marriage is a wonderful thing but never without argument. Traditionally in sitcoms, arguing couples are often seen throwing plates at each other and I wanted to juxtapose this future disharmony with the fairytale, misty eyed nature of the commemorative plates that are widely available around the wedding. This, coupled with the press’ obsession with contracting couples’ names into single name – Brangelina, Bennifer etc – served as the inspiration behind the piece.