Legibility experiment – ‘Fold Me Close…’ poster

The last time I decided to create a legibility piece it ended up costing me a grand (You Blow Me Away). This one is much less ambitious but I’m quietly pleased with how it’s turned out nonetheless.

I saw Eddie Opara’s Small Talk on Monday night (http://www.aigany.org/events/details/10S6) and really liked the look of this wall display that his company The Map Office created:
These were never designed to be displayed folded as above and were only shown here in such a manner as they’d ordered too many as I understand it. Lovely none-the-less.

However, with this in mind I wanted to try and create a poster that, as opposed to being unfolded and displayed flat on a wall, was actually meant to be put up folded and displayed however and wherever the owner saw fit – crumpled up, hung in mid air, pasted over a surface etc etc… I put together this line and set it using Helvetica Neue Bold Oblique:
If you look a little closer  you’ll see there are fold marks emanating from the centre indicating where the poster is to be folded.

For giggles I created some CAD renders of the finished piece in Cinema 4D and ended up with some really fun variations when I started to play with it. I made the decision not to light the renders and really like how graphic these turned out. The real thing, with light and tone added could be quite beautiful in a different way.

So there you are, as an experiment I think these are pretty successful. I might edition one or more of them if there’s sufficient interest, or possibly even just edition the original poster and see what people come up with and where they end up. A nice diversion for the afternoon though and I hope you like. Thoughts, as ever, greatly appreciated.