Making the Creative Review subs page…

I first came across the graphic, real world, perspective-defying work of Swiss artist Felice Varini a couple of years back, and had been aching to try my hand at something similar ever since. The brief was to ‘Make Creative Review a part of your world’ so, suddenly I had my opportunity.

The technique we used employs ‘anamorphic perspective’ theory and, in an interview with Varini he says he uses ‘nothing more than simple maths’ to create his compositions. The maths turned out to be rather less simple than I’d hoped, however ( so I emailed him for any more advice he might have. His answers – not helped by broken English I hasten to add – were pretty elusive.

I wanted to create something clean and graphic and slightly out of place in a real world setting and the reflective properties of fluorescent gaffer tape turned out to be the perfect material. It presented it’s own problems when it came to lighting the shoot as it was giving off more light than it was absorbing so we had to try a few different techniques. We also tried dressing the ‘set’ with a few other items (and legs, courtesy of Katie) before settling on the final piece.